Two Oaks Cafe

The Two Oaks Café has to be seen to be believed! It is a handcrafted building made out of local farm rock and native timbers. It is located within the caravan park grounds and accessed via a short stroll through the gardens. They make good coffee and beautiful nourishing food. Two Oaks  is fully licensed and caters for everything from large functions to small coffee stops.

The café’s ambiance is calming and vibrant at the same time, there is a great warmth there which the staff generate and foster constantly. The food is light, fresh and filling, our food preparation staff are second to none…and we have a wonderful young barista who has proven to be a natural at making first class coffee…what a bonus!!! The café has a lot of floor space, both inside and out which allows for both small parties and large groups to be catered for easily.

The cafe does regularly cater for groups of travellers staying at the caravan park - one of the most enjoyed options is a fully catered barbie based around our old shed. This shed has a large viewing screen, an eight ball table and a functional performance area along with guitars and keyboards.

The gardens surrounding the café have some magnificently established trees such as a liquid amber, several large Bay trees, a big mulberry tree and chestnuts. The café garden is beautifully laid out and has a series of stone inlaid footpaths to lead visitors into all the nooks and cranny’s that exist here. There was once a small nursery operating from here as well and many of the features of that are still in place. 

The café is open 10.00am - 4.00pm 
Tuesday to Sunday.

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Address: 113 Bass Highway, Somerset, Tasmania, 7322

Phone: (03) 6435 2322


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There is always someone on site at Somerset. Our office is open at 8.30 am and closes around 8.00 pm.