The Gardens

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the caravan park environment are the beautiful gardens. The gardens are enshrined by some really big deciduous trees which provide wonderful colour and life throughout the seasons- in an evergreen dominated state like Tasmania, the autumn colours are really eye catching.

While not being rare, many of the trees are relatively uncommon in Tasmania, for example, we collect about 500 kilo of chestnuts each autumn off about 9 big chestnut trees. The spring and autumn displays provided by the trees alone is magnificent.

There are some wonderful fruit trees, many of which are pretty big now, fruits like pears, apples, green gauges and quinces are all well established. The gardens are rambling which makes them exciting to explore with many nooks and crannys exist. In general they are just a nice place to be.

The major park barbecue is located within the gardens and provides a serene, sheltered and sunny site to enjoy an evening meal.