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Wayne and Jacki Gaffney, along with Wayne’s sister Vicki team manage the caravan park. They have a huge width of interests and knowledge between them and enjoy their role of assisting people.

Wayne and Vicki have grown up on the North West coast, home of their family for five generations whilst Jacs moved here when she was six – a latecomer!! Wayne worked for many years in different arenas circulating around community development whilst Jacki had worked forever in a bank.

Wrapped up in those details are some wonderful experiences including living and working in many North West and West Coast communities – from years well spent in Queenstown playing football and saxophone to the pleasure and labors of building a house on a small farm with 40 head of cattle.

As a family we have always generated a good feeling environment no matter where we lived…the park itself now reflects and regenerates that good feeling – there is a positive palpable ambiance of good will and sereneness in this park – and every visitor who stays here adds to that in a very real way.

Come and visit, you’ll understand

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Address: 113 Bass Highway, Somerset, Tasmania, 7322

Caravan Park  (03) 6435 2322

Two Oaks Cafe (03) 6435 1431

Email: bookings@somersetbeachside.com.au

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There is always someone on site at Somerset. Our office is open at 8.30 am and closes around 8.00 pm.